05. I have small children that cannot move elsewhere, even temporarily. Will I be able to have access to my bedrooms on second floor?


For 16 years Europerfect has been accomodating this problem with the prefinishing of treads and risers. The system of refacing is the best solution. All components are readily produced in our workshop. Stain match and application of aluminum oxide finish are also done there. This allows for anytime access to the bedroom during stair renovation.


06. Are the stains and finishes used for production toxic?


Europerfect uses top Eco-Friendly stains and non-toxic finishes on all stairs and balusters components. This is essential as it is the safest , water based solution.  This leaves the home free of fumes, and is safe even around pets and small children.


07. I have Bamboo floors. What do I do to find matching stairs?


Of course we have an easy solution to this predicament! We offer domestic and exotic woods for stairs, nosings, and mouldings including bamboo.


08. I have wire handscraped finished floor. Is there any possibility to have the same type of finish on my stairs?


Europerfect is able to match all design preferences. f.e :

- Wire brush finish

- Hand scraped

- Distresed

- Fumed

- Oil finish.


09. I have a beautiful handrail but unattractive balusters. Do I have to change everything?


In the majority of situations, the handrail is built of solid wood. It can be resanded for color change or buffed if only refreshment is needed. Existing pickets can be painted or exchanged for new ones if a new stain, shape, or material is desired. Wooden spindles can also be easily replaced by iron pickets.


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